Improving and protecting the Industry
Improving and protecting the Industry

Welcome to B.E.O.A.

The B.E.O.A. was formed in 1978, for the purpose of being a forum between the Essential Oils
Industry and the British and European governments, with the aim to improve and protect
the Industry, which today also includes, Aroma Chemicals, Absolutes and Oleoresins.

Our purpose is to guide our members by giving assistance and share our knowledge on the ever increasing legislation our industry faces. Our members are from the flavour and fragrance industry engaged in import, export, purchases, sales, production and manufacture of Essential Oils, Aroma Chemicals, Absolutes & Oleoresins.

Annual key benefits our B.E.O.A. members receive:

  • An updated CLP list advising Chemical Classification of Labelling and Packing
  • A useful Acronym List
  • Updates by email on new legalisations coming into place and any amendments
  • Seminars on REACH, CLP, British Pharmacopeia, BSI, BRC and similar certifications
  • Field Trips to Plantations, Distillers and Fragrance Houses
  • Invitation to join seminars and presentations by the EFEO, BSP, I.F.R.A, B.S.F , I.O.F.I and R.I.F.M
  • An annual B.E.O.A Symposium & Gala Dinner
  • Annual Golf Day and Quiz Night
  • Donations to worthy charities

The Executive committee of 12 include, chemistry, technical, import/export, manufacturing and legal knowledge, covering every aspect of the Flavour and Fragrance Industry, along with some light entertainment for our members to meet friends and share ones knowledge.

Our Technical Team have the expertise to work closely with RIFM, IFRA, EFEO, IOFI, IFEAT and the Royal Society of Chemistry and our members benefit the results of the hard work and dedication.

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