BEOA History

History of our BEOA Chairmanship

1978   Jack Paines of Norda International
1980   Denis Cox of F.D. Copeland & Sons Ltd
1982   Ron Neal of Fuerst Day Lawson Ltd
1984   Les Ballam of Bush Boake Allen Ltd
1986   John Buck of J.C. Buck Ltd
1988   John Carr of P.F.W. Ltd
1990   Geff Cooper of Quest International Ltd
1992   Ray Stapleton of Bush Boake Allen Ltd
1994   Hugo Bovill of R.C. Treatt Ltd
1996   David Moyler of H.E. Daniels Ltd
1998   Maurice Lawson of Fuerst Day Lawson Ltd
2000   Roy Smith of F.D. Copeland & Sons Ltd
2002   Roger Dyer of Adrian E.O. Ltd
2004   David Moyler of Fuerst Day Lawson Ltd
2006   Steve Smith of F.D. Copeland & Sons Ltd
2008   Martin Gill of De Monchy Aromatics Ltd
2010   Peter Hitchen of Lionel Hitchen EO Ltd
2011   Philippe Caumont of De Monchy Aromatics Ltd
2013   Debbie Mockford of Global Essence UK Ltd
2015   Vince Scully of Lionel Hitchen EO LtdPaddy Gray

Company Secretaries

Paddy Gray     Malcom Irvine
Julie Krauze    Pamela Irvine

R. Marshall     Josephine Sheffield
Walter Anzser

2014-2016 Members of the Executive and Technical Committee

Debbie Mockford         Jason Wilson
Philippe Caumont       Nick Evans
Vince Scully                Arthur Phillips
David Moyler             Ken Goodger
Steve Smith               Mark Stanbridge
Julie Richards          Paulina Plowman

Over the last 37 years we pride ourselves on the personal dedication and knowledge they have bought to the British Essential Oil Association. Jason WilsonNick EvansArthur PhillipsKen GoodgerMark StanbridgePaulina Plowman