Application Form

Our membership is open to companies in the UK that are part of the flavour & fragrance Industry engaged in Essential Oils, Aroma Chemicals, Absolutes & Oleoresins, either as a Manufacturer, End Users, Broker, Trader, Importer or Exporter.

Our purpose is to guide our members by giving assistance and our knowledge on the ever increasing legalisation our industry requires.

The association has 10 key points that our members will receive.

  1. An updated CLP list advising Chemical Classification of Labelling and Packing
  2. A useful Acronym List
  3. Updates by email on new legalisations coming into place and any amendments.
  4. Seminars on REACH, CLP, British Pharmacopeia, BSI
  5. Field Trips to Plantations, Distillers and Fragrance Houses.
  6. Join the E.F.E.O, B.S.P, I.F.R.A & B.S.F, I.O.F.I, R.I.F.M in seminars and presentations.
  7. An annual B.E.O.A Symposium & Gala Dinner
  8. An annual Golf Day
  9. An annual Quiz Night